International conservationists have to travel a great deal. Over the years the members of our team have traveled to more than 100 countries, covering all continents. Usually our budgets are moderate, and we must really look for economic and yet practical ways to get to our destinations.

For years we have kept digital notebooks with information on flights and hotels that they have been using.  They are ripe and green and certainly not a recommendation. Some numbers and links may be outdated. 

Most and for all, we made these notes for ourselves, so we can access them wherever we travel, whenever we need them. We thought we should share these with you, so we combined our notes on this page and put them on the net.

A quick overview

There are phone numbers for airlines that fly to and from and within the USA, and a list of names of budget airlines that operate mostly within Europe. There is a fairly exhaustive list of ticketing websites for the Netherlands, some for Germany, one for the UK and a wide variety for worldwide and the USA. On flights, we recommend you not only use the general booking websites, but also check the airline website, and even call them. Booking by phone varies greatly with the agent answering your call. If you are lucky and have an experienced and helpful agent, he/she might get you a better deal. It's always worth trying. 

When investigating, open the flights you are interested in different tabs, so you don't lose them and can  compare them later.

Ahh, make sure you never accept a paper ticket from these web-based sites. They can't make changes on a paper ticket and if you have to change the paper ticket, you can only change it in one of the main offices of the airline or on the airport with the airline that initiates an itinerary, even if it is only a minor part of the route. That airline may be very reluctant to help you. We once almost lost an entire ticket sold from the Orbitz website, because they had sent us a paper ticket. We had to travel an hour and half to the airport, spend 4 hours on the airport until the change was taken care off and had to pay about $400 dollars extra. 

So, if you have to travel with a paper ticket, always go through a travel agent nearby. It's worth the extra $75. For e-tickets, you are usually better off booking over the web. Agents nowadays rarely match those prices, and always have to charge you $50 to $100 booking costs. Moreover you won't have to sit at the phone or in their office for an hour to listen what they see on their screen while you could perfectly well read that information yourself from your computer at home. 

If you go through a travel agent, make sure beforehand to ask how much their booking fee is. Moreover, travel agents like to charge you twice or three times. For instance, if the first part is with airline X, they will charge you a booking fee; the next part is with airline Y, again, etc. If that is their intention, it may be worth your while to either negotiate or find someone else to do your booking. Never go to a travel agent before having done your homework on-line, so that you have an idea of what the price should be. Be aware that travel agents have no interest to find you the cheapest ticket, but rather to sell you the ticket which is the easiest for them to find. 

International booking websites

Recently, we have been finding that Kayak has been giving slightly cheaper prices (differences of 10 - 30 dollars) http://www.kayak.com. It investigates the prices of quite a variety of web-booking sites all at the same time. It may be a good idea to at least check it to see what it comes up with. But we found it less user-friendly for the actual booking. So after having checked you may want to go to the cheapest website it lists and book there or check the recommended flight directly from the airline
Another website that does the same is: http://www.answers.travel/ 
One first has to register and then log in (I find that annoying, but I guess its only once). After filling out destination and dates, you have to click on each site button individually. You may also like to check:


which claims to do the same is. If it is true, then this seems to be the more user-friendly one, but you don't get to see if it really goes through all the other sites, it just lists the results. 

A relatively new kid on the block is http://www.cheapoair.com, which seems to work with lots of budget airlines, so that certainly is worth checking out.  

Web designs continuously change, and ticket prices often vary by the hour, so you may want to try several websites and actually call airlines before actually booking for a trip.

For travelers from the USA, the biggest one is ORBITZ: http://www.orbitz.com. We find it a bit more user-friendly than most other on-line booking sites, but in may not always have the cheapest deals. It only books flight departing from the USA and I think only for itineraries of 30 days and under. Also rather poor performance for flights with a departure date of less than 7 days from now. But since we use this one a lot, we know its flaws best. We are sure, that many others have similar weaknesses. 

Remember, each booking is an adventure of questionable fun. Moreover, the differences simply change over time. So you may try any selection of the following: 

http://www.cheattickets.com Customer service: 888-922-8849
http://www.hotwire.com/  (Have not used them for quite a while, but you can bid on a flight destination or hotels in the city of your destination, but then have to accept the airline and flying time offered to you) .
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Some European booking websites:

For those with flexible travel dates:
http://www.air-hitch.org  Air Hitch, 

Around the World Tickets:

Nederlandse ticketing websites:
http://www.vliegwinkel.nl  , +31 -20 - 7942183


Belgische ticketing sites:

Deutsche sites:

Some European price-fighter airlines:

We just came across a website with most European low cost airlines:
Aegean Airlines: Flights within Greece (home base) and Greece to Western Europe
Aer Arann: Flights within Ireland and from Ireland to England, Scotland
Air 2000: Flights between England (home base Manchester) and Portugal, Spain
Air Baltic: Flights between home bases Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine
Air Berlin: Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base Berlin) to Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey
Air Finland: Flights within Finland (home base Helsinki) and from Finland to France, Italy, Spain
Air Scotland: Flights between Scotland (home base) and Spain
Air Service Plus: Flights between Italy (home base Pescara) and Brussels, Paris
Air Southwest: Flights within England
Alpi Eagles: Flights within Italy (home base Venice)
Baboo: Flights between Switzerland (home base Geneva) and Czech Rep., France, Italy, Spain
BelleAir: Flights from Italy to Albania, Greece, Turkey
Blue1: Flights within Finland and from Finland (home base Helsinki) to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Blue Air: Flights between Romania (home base) and France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey
Blue-Express: Flights within Italy and Italy (home base Rome) to Austria, France, Germany, Libya
BMI Baby: Flights between England (home base) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Wales
British European: Flights between England and Channel Islands, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Ulster
BudgetAir: Flights between Ireland (home base Dublin) and France, Greece, Portugal, Spain
CentralWings: Flights between Poland (home base) and Czech Rep., England, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain
Clickair: Flights between Spain (home base Barcelona) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland
Condor: Flights from Germany to most European countries
Corendon: Flights between Netherlands and Turkey
Dau Air: Flights between Germany (home base Dortmund) and Poland, Switzerland
EasyJet: Flights between England (home base London) and Denmark, France, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Ulster
Evolavia: Flights between Italy (home base Ancona) and France, Russia, Spain
Excel Airways : Flights from England and Scotland to Egypt, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
Fare4U: Flights between Malta (home base) and London Stansted
Fly Dba: Flights within Germany and from Germany to France, Spain
Fly Me: Flights within Sweden (home base) and Finland
German Wings: Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base Cologne) to Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey
Globespan: Flights between Scotland (home base) and France, Italy, Spain
Hapag Lloyd Express : Flights within Germany (home base Cologne-Bonn) and from Germany to England, France, Italy, Spain
Helvetic Airways: Flights between Switzerland (home base Zurich) and Austria, Belgium, Spain
Iceland Express: Flights between Iceland (home base) and Denmark, England
InterSky: Flights between Austria (home base Wien) and France, Italy, Switzerland
Itali Airlines : Flights within Italy and Italy - Croatia v.v.
Jet2: Flights between England (home base Leeds-Bradford) and France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
LTU: Flights from Germany to most European countries
Meridiana: Flights within Italy (home base Florence) and from Italy to England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
Monarch Airlines: Flights between England (home base London-Luton) and Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain
My Travel Lite: Flights between England (home base) and France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland
MyAir : Flights within Italy and between Italy (home base) and France, Romania and Spain
Nordic Airlink: Flights between Sweden (home base Stockholm) and Norway
Norwegian Air Shuttle: Flights within Norway (home base) and from Norway to England, Portugal, Spain
Pegasus Airlines: Flights within Turkey and Turkey - Germany v.v.
Ryanair: Flights between England (home base London-Stansted) and Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden
Scandjet: Flights between Sweden (home base) and Bosnia, Croatia
SkyEurope: Flights between Slovakia (home base Bratislava) and Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland
Smart Wings : Flights between Czech Republic (home base Prague) and Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
Snalskjutsen: Flights within Sweden (home base) and from Sweden to France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland
SnowFlake Airlines: Flights from Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and Sweden (home base Stockholm) to Czech Rep., France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey
Sterling : Flights between Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and France, Greece, Italy, Madeira, Norway, Spain, Sweden
Sun Express: Flights between Turkey (home base Antalya) and Austria, Germany, Switzerland
ThomsonFly: Flights between England (home base Coventry) and France, Italy, Jersey, Spain
Transavia: Flights between Netherlands (home base Amsterdam) and Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
Virgin Express: Flights between Belgium (home base Brussels) and Denmark, England, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
VLM Airlines: Flights between Belgium (home base) and England, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg and Netherlands
Vueling Airlines: Flights within Spain (home base) and from Spain to Brussels, Paris
Windjet Vola: Flights within Italy (home base Sicily)
Wizz Air: Flights from Hungary (home base Budapest) and Poland (home base Katowice) to Czech Rep., England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden
For more information and booking consult: 

Links to all airlines of the world can be found here:

Phone numbers for airline offices in the USA (Some numbers have changed and some airlines no longer exist):

Action Air Lines  800-243-8623
Active Aero 800-872-5387
Aer Lingus  800-223-6537
Aero California 800-237-6225
Aero Continente
Aeroflot 888 686-4949
Aerolineas Argentinas 800-333-0276
Aeromexico 800-237-6639
Aeropostal 888-912-8466
Air Aruba 800-882-7822
Air Aurora 800-443-0478
Air Berlin
Air Botswana 800-518-7781
Air Caledonia 800-677-4277
Air Canada 888-247-2262
Air China 800-982-8802
Air Europa 888-238-7672
Air Fiji 877-air-fiji
Air France 800-237-2747
Air India 800-223-7776
Air Jamaica 800-523-5585
Air Madagascar 800-821-3388
Air Malta 800-756-2582
Air Mauritius 800-537-1182
Air Moldova
Air Namibia 800-626-4242
Air New Zealand 800-262-1234
Air North Airlines 800-764-0407
Air Pacific 800-227-4446
Air Portugal 800-221-7370
Air Sahara 877-572-4272
Air Sunshine 800-327-8900
Air Tahiti Nui 877-824-4846
Air Transat 800-388-5836
AirTran Airways 800-AIR-TRAN
Air Vanuatu 800-677-4277
Air Vegas 800-255-7474
Air Zimbabwe 800-742-3006
Alaska Airlines 800-426-0333
Alitalia 800-223-5730
All Nippon Airways 800-235-9262
Allegiant Air 888-594-6937
Aloha Air 800-367-5250
Ambassadair 800-225-9919
America West Airlines 800-235-9292
American Airlines 800-433-7300
American Trans Air 800-225-2995
Amerijet International Inc.  800-927-6059
Arizona Express Airlines 866-435-9872
Asiana Airlines 800-227-4262
Atkin Air  800-924-2471
Atlantic Airlines 800-879-0000
Atlas Air  800-462-2012
Austrian Airlines  800-843-0002
AviaCSA 888-528-4227
Avianca 800-284-2622
Aviateca 888-477-8222
Avioimpex - Interimpex 800-713-2622
Bahamas Air 800-222-4262
Balair/CTA 800-322-5247
Baltic Intl Airlines 800-548-8181
Bangkok Airways 866-226-4565
Bemidji Airlines 800-332-7133
Big Sky Airlines 800-237-7788
Bouraq Indonesia Airlines
British Airways 800-247-9297
British Midland 800-788-0555
Bulgaria Air 
BWIA International  800-538-2942
CanJet Airlines 800-809-7777
Cape Air 800-352-0714
Caribbean Star Airlines 866-864-6272
Cathay Pacific Airways 800-233-2742
Cayman Airways 800-441-3003
Century Airlines 800-541-0410
Chalk's Ocean Airways 800-4-CHALKS
China Airlines 800-227-5118
China Eastern Airlines 800-200-5118
China Southern 888-338-8988
Colgan Air 800-428-4322
Comair  800-354-9822
Condor 800-524-6975
Continental Airlines 800.300.1547
Copa Airlines 800-359-2672
Corporate Express Airlines 800-661-8151
Corsair  800-677-0720
Croatia Airlines 888-426-7628
Cyprus Airways
Czech Airlines  (east coast) 800-223-2365

(west, mw) 800-628-6107

Delta Air Lines national 800-221-1212
Delta International 800-241-4141
DAC Air Romanian Airlines
DHL WorldWide Express 800-225-5345
Dragon Air 800-842-9911
Dutch Caribbean Airlines 800-327-7230
East Coast Flight Services 800-554-0550
Egyptair 800-334-6787
El Al Israel Airlines 800-223-6700
Emery Worldwide 800-367-3592
Emirates Air 800-777-3999
Ethiopian Airlines 800-445-2733
Estonian Air 800-397-1354
EVA Airways 800-695-1188
Evergreen International 800-345-5556
Fine Airlines 800-923-9222
Finnair 800-950-5000
First Air  800-267-1247
Florida Coastal Airlines 888-435-9322
Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359
Garuda Indonesia 800-342-7832
German Wings
Germania Express
Ghana Airways 800-404-4262
Grand Aire Express 800-70-GRAND
Great Lakes Airlines 800-554-5111
Great Plains Airlines 866-929-8646
Gulf Air  888-359-4853
Gulfstream Intl Airlines 800-992-8532
Hapag-Lloyd Express
Hawaiian Airlines 800-367-5320
Hewa Bora Airways
Hooters Air 888-359-4668
Horizon Air 800-547-9308
Iberia 800-772-4642
Icelandair  800-223-5500
Indian Airlines
Interstate Jet  877-359-4538
Island Air 800-323-3345
Japan Airlines 800-525-3663
Jet Airways (India) 866-835-9538
JetBlue Airways 800-538-2583
Jet Express 800-806-8833
JetsGo Airlines 866-440-0441
Kenmore Air 800-543-9595
Kenya Airways 866-536-9224
KLM 800-374-7747
Knight Air 
Korean Air 800-438-5000
Kulula Airlines
Kuwait Airways 800-458-9248
Lacsa Costa Rica 800-225-2272
LanChile Airlines 800-735-5526
Lauda Airlines  800-588-8399
Leading Edge Air Logistics 800-552-5323
Lithuanian Airlines 877-454-8482
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano 800-327-3098
LOT Polish Airlines 800-223-0593
LTU International  866-266-5588
Lufthansa 800-645-3880
Lynx Air International 888-LYNX-AIR
Malaysia 800-552-9264
Malev Hungarian  800-223-6884
Martinair Holland 800-627-8462
Mesa Airlines 800-637-2247
Mesaba Airlines 800-225-2525
Mexicana  800-531-7921
Middle East
Midway Airlines 800-446-4392
Midwest Airlines 800-452-2022
Miles Above  800-469-6453
Monarch Airlines
Mongolian Airlines 800-642-8768
Nantucket Airlines 800-635-8787
Nature Air 800-235-9272
New England Airlines 800-243-2460
North American Airlines
North Vancouver Air 800-228-6608
Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Olympic Airways 800-223-1226
Pacific Coastal Airlines 800-663-2872
Pakistan Intl Airline 800-221-2552
Pelita Air Service
Penair 800-448-4226
Philippine Airlines 800-435-9725
Polynesian Airlines 800-644-7659
Phnom Penh Airways
Qantas Airways 800-227-4500
Rover Airways Intl 800-828-4668
Royal Air Maroc 800-344-6726
Royal Jordanian Airlines 800-223-0470
Royal Nepal 800-266-3725
Royal Tongan Airlines 800-486-6426
Ryan International Airlines 800-727-0457
SAS Scandinavian Airlines 800-221-2350
Saudia Arabian Airlines 800-472-8342
Scenic Airlines 800-634-6801
Shuttle America 888-999-3273
Silk Air
Singapore Airlines 800-742-3333
SN Brussels Airlines 
Sol Air 866-476-5247
Solomon Airlines 800-677-4277
Song Delta Air 800-359-7664
South African 800-722-9675
Southeast Airlines 800-359-7325
Southwest Airlines 800-435-9792
Spanair  888-545-5757
Spirit Airline  800-772-7117
SriLankan 877-915-2652
Sun Country Airlines 800-752-1218
Sunflower Airlines, Fiji 800-707-3454
Suriname Airways 800-327-6864
SWISS  877-359-7947
TACA Airlines  800-400-8222
TAM - Brazilian Airlines 888-235-9826
TAME (Ecuadorian/Galapagos)
TAP Air Portugal 800-221-7370
Tarom Romanian Air Transpt
Thai Air 800-426-5204
Tower Air Greece
Transavia Airlines
Transbrasil 800-872-3153
TransMeridian Airlines 866-435-9862
Trans International Express 888-244-8922
Tropic Air 800-422-3435
Turkish Airlines 800-874-8875
Ukraine Intl Airlines 800-876-0114
United Airlines  800-241-6522
US Airways 800-428-4322
USAir Shuttle 800-428-4322
USA 3000 Airlines 877-872-3000
Varig 800-468-2744
Vasp Brazilian Airlines 866-776-3869
Virgin Atlantic 800-862-8621
Virgin Blue 
Virgin Express 
VLM Airlines
WestJet Airlines 800-538-5696
Wind Jet
World Airways 800-967-5350
Yemen Airways 800-936-8300
Yugoslav Airlines (YAT)


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PVS International
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Travel Document Systems, Inc.
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